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The Team

The Stackpole & Associates’ team is a network of professionals, each with complementary skills and specializations.

The Team

Irving Stackpole, RRT, MEd – President

Rachel Small, PhD – Research Associate

Tim O’Rourke PhD – Senior Research Associate

Richard Ashodian, MPA – Senior Associate

Lucie T. Gadenne, MBA – Senior Associate

Laila Al Jassmi, MHA – Senior Associate

Jack McCarthy – Senior Associate

Charles Preus, MBA – Senior Associate

Greg Robertson – Senior Associate

Romilly Douglas – Executive Administrative Assistant/ Event Manager

Pamela Frank – Senior Associate

John Novack – Senior Communications Associate

Deborah Lipman Slobodnik – Senior Associate

Edward C. Stephenson, MSW, MPH – Senior Associate

Jason Summerfield, MSW, LCSW – Senior Associate

Elizabeth A. Ziemba, JD, MPH – Senior Associate

Emily Trask – Associate

Jean Patel Bushnell, MBA – Associate

Elizabeth G. Clark, MA, MPH – Associate

Marylee Grosso, RPh, Senior Associate

Charlene Neu, MA, MS, Associate

Pradeep Sreekanthan, Associate

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