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Elizabeth Ziemba

With a diverse background in public health, law, and business, Elizabeth brings a distinctive set of skills and experience to independent consulting projects, training, assessments, and certifications while serving her clients as President of Medical Tourism Training.

For the past twelve years, Ms. Ziemba has worked on a variety of projects in the both the public and private health care sectors conducting research, business analysis, and formulating and implementing results- oriented, practical solutions. Clients have included the World Health Organization, private and public hospitals and other healthcare providers, hotels, governmental and nongovernmental organizations, and associations. Clients are located around the world including Switzerland, Costa Rica, Korea, Colombia, the Philippines, Spain, Mexico, Lesotho, and the United States among other destinations.

Elizabeth has worked with a Silicon Valley start-up that launched an on-line global marketplace offering medical services to international audiences. This experience gave her unique insights into the demands of ages of educational and marketing content, initiating policies such as the due diligence quality assessment process to screen providers as well as formulating human resources policies for hiring, and much more.

Elizabeth’s work in the international health travel sector began in 2005, starting with a feasibility study for developing a continuing care retirement community for ex-pats in Costa Rica. From that launching point, she has provided consulting services focused on the types of infrastructure and services needed to be competitive will in the international health travel sector. Her research projects, such as “Taking Off to Take it Off”, uncovered the need for training programs and led her to found Medical Tourism Training, the first of its kind on-site and on-line training solutions company for the sector.

Ms. Ziemba is a talented writer who has authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Giving Back for Penguin Books as well as articles for magazines and trade journals. Articles have appeared in numerous magazines and e-publications including IMTJ, HealthbizIndia, Provider, Care Management Matters, and others. She regularly writes articles available on the Medical Tourism Training web site.

Her original research has been presented at numerous global conferences including:

  • China (Guilin) International Health Tourism Forum (Guilin, China)
  • The Center for Medical Tourism Research (San Antonio, Texas, USA)
  • European Medical Travel Conference (Berlin, Germany)
  • KIMS Hospital Conference on Medical Tourism (Kerala, India)
  • Izmir Health and Wellness Conference (Izmir, Turkey) and Istanbul Health Expo (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Mexico Summit on Medical and Wellness Tourism Business (Ciudad Juarez, Mexico)
  • American Bar Association International Conference (Montreal, Canada)
  • IMTJ Medical Travel Summits (Dubai, UAE; London, UK; Madrid, Spain; Opatija, Croatia)
  • World Healthcare Congress (Washington DC, USA), and the
  • American Public Health Association National Conference (Washington, DC, USA).

Ms. Ziemba will be participating in the World Health Care Congress, April – May 2018, Washington, DC as well as the IMTJ Medical Travel Summit, Athens, Greece, May 2018.

Leveraging her academic achievements including a law degree (Juris Doctorate) from Suffolk University Law School, Boston, Massachusetts and a Master of Science degree in International Public Health (MPH) from the Boston University School of Public Health, Elizabeth combines education with extensive experience as a business person to create innovative, practical and results-oriented solutions for clients.

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