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Rachel Small, MS

Rachel Small is a Doctoral candidate in Behavioral Science at the University of Rhode Island. Rachel earned her Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology from Roger Williams University in 2011, and is currently working in the social service sector.

Rachel has expertise in instrument development, report writing, and quantitative and qualitative research methodologies. As research associate for Stackpole & Associates, Rachel manages and reports on ongoing surveying and evaluation activities; and provides input and support to various special projects.

Rachel’s academic background is in psychology and law, with an emphasis on research methodology. Following completion of a bachelor’s degree from Roger Williams University in Psychology & Legal Studies, Rachel continued on to earn a master’s in Forensic Psychology. Working closely with research faculty, Rachel contributed to original research on juror decision-making and developed a specialty in procedural fairness, judicial instruction, and attorney and juror behavior throughout the trial process.

Currently, Rachel is a doctoral student at the University of Rhode Island studying experimental psychology with a focus on research methodology. Although still in the process of planning her dissertation, Rachel is expecting to conduct original research on Human Trafficking; a pervasive yet understudied problem both in Rhode Island and globally, which falls within the domains of both criminal justice and public health.

Rachel has over five years of experience with instrument development and statistical analysis in both academic and professional settings. Specifically, Rachel has experience designing organizational forms and organizational survey instruments to facilitate collection of needed organizational data in both social service and healthcare contexts. Rachel also has experience conducting focus groups, and developing qualitative coding systems for both focus group and interview data. At Stackpole & Associates, Rachel strives to achieve accuracy and integrity of data collection and reporting processes.

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