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Healthcare Marketing & Research Presentations

Stackpole & Associates spoke at various event on a range of topics for marketing healthcare services for the health tourism and long term care markets.  Increasing customer satisfaction and employee training in today’s professional environment.

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Health Tourism Presentations:

“COVID-19 impacts on healthcare travels”
IHF Barcelona Nov, 6-8th, 2021
Speakers: Irving L. Stackpole, Dr Fawzi Al-Hammouri, Joao Bocas, and Antoni Arias-Enrich
Reset and Recovery. How badly has the COVID-19 pandemic affected healthcare travels? In this session we will talk about what ‘healthcare travel’ means in its now broaden term. We will discuss the opportunities, ways of recovery, and how to adapt to the new era with the help of digital health and innovative solutions. The healthcare Industry has been challenged and we need to build the future together.
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Private Healthcare Summit

“The future of the international patient market”
Private Healthcare Summit, June, 24th, 2021
Speakers: Mr. Irving L. Stackpole, Mohd Daud Mohd Arif, Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council, Philip Luce, Cromwell Hospital and Keith Pollard, LaingBuisson.
Reset and Recovery. How has the global pandemic impacted the private healthcare sector and how are healthcare providers looking to rebuild their business?
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Healthcare Future Summit

“Cultural Safety in Health Tourism”
Health Care Future Summit, 8th of December 2020
Irving Stackpole presented at the virtual Healthcare Future Summit on the 8th of December 2020. Topics addressed: Cultural Safety in Health Tourism. Defining cultural safety in health & medical tourism. Outlining the steps destination managers, providers and regulators can take to promulgate cultural safety. Discuss the value of cultural safety to the medical tourism destination brand. To listen to the Irving’s presentations go straight to 15.12 & 35.52.
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IMTJ 2020

“How Covid19 Will Change Medical Tourism”
IMTJ Virtual Medical Travel Summit, September 23rd – 24th, 2020
Irving Stackpole presented at the virtual Medical Travel Summit on the 23rd of September 2020. Irving Stackpole, Katya Zubareva from L.E.K. Consulting and Paul McTaggart Dental Departures shared thier perspectives on medical travel post-COVID. Topics Included: How Covid19 will change medical travel, How Covid19 is changing patient perceptions and expectations and how to survive and thrive with covid19.
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“An Overview of Health Tourism Globally and a Positive Way Forward”
8th Crikvenica International Health Tourism Conference, November, 20th, 2020
As travel resumes slowly, what can we do to prepare in the health, wellness, dental & medical tourism markets?. Here is a link to Day 2 of the CIHT Conference. To view the presentation go to 1.00.43.
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New Markets, New Patient Expectations Epic Webinar June 2020

“New Markets, New Patient Expectations”
Epic: The European Patient Experience and Innovation Congress, June, 18th, 2020
An online discussion at EPIC with Elizabeth Ziemba. Before the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, healthcare innovations were being driven by underlying dynamics of change: the need for greater efficiencies, profit opportunities and a gradual shift toward consumerism. When EU providers shut down elective, non-urgent healthcare procedures to focus on COVID-19 treatment, these dynamics were interrupted. At the same time, necessity is the mother of invention, and telehealth has exploded as an existing solution, which has found swift and irrevocable adoption. Consumers had wanted telehealth long before the pandemic, but intermediaries and providers had baulked. Now, there is no turning back time.
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“Beyond the horizon: Medical tourism markets after COVID-19”
Seongnam International Medical Tourism Convention, May 9th, 2020
As the world travel & tourism markets go through wrenching changes as the result of the pandemic, including lockdowns, partial releases and repeated lockdowns, health tourism destinations and providers need to make plans and adapt their strategies and tactics. In this presentation, we looked at the anticipated or “most likely” pattern for the return of the health tourism markets, discussed the timing of recovery and steps that providers and destination managers can take today to be ready for, and perhaps accelerate recovery.
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Nova webinar Health Tourism_ potential or peril for Portugal

“Health Tourism: Potential or Peril for Portugal”
 Nova SBE Health Economics & Management Knowledge Center, May 6th, 2020
Health tourism exports had been a way to enhance destination brand, stimulate job growth, and improve the balance of trade. How will this change after COVID-19?
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“The patient will see you now: Telemedicine & the transformation of medical travel”
5th Annual Medical Tourism Conference, Zagreb, Croatia, March 13 – 14, 2019
Topics Included: Telehealth and Telemedicine are the early signs of healthcare news transformation. Modern medicine has been digitized; it will soon be democratized. Many of the difficulties and stress of medical care will be transformed by smart phones and personal care devices. The “winners” will be consumers; the losers will be systems and providers who ignore this transformation
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European Medical Travel Conference (EMTC)

“Ten Terrible Marketing Mistakes”
European Medical Travel Conference
The focus of the discussion was how destination medical providers and countries seeking to increase the number of medical tourists can improve their ability to attract prospects by avoiding these simple, but terrible mistakes.
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MedeSalud, Medellin, Colombia

“Marketing to the United States; Cultural Aspects”
International MedeSalud Conference
The presentation covered the outbound medical tourism market from the United States from the structural and cultural aspects.
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Healthcare & Long Term Care Presentations:

“New models of accessing care for the Aging Adult Population”
Eighth Right at Home Boston MW CE Presentation of 2021  Oct 13th, 2021
Topic: Markets for Long-Term Care – Epilogue to a Crisis.  Congregate long-term care in the US, UK and Canada (nursing homes, assisted living, memory care, care homes, independent living, life plan communities, CCRCs and others) were overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic. And a new virus variant is now spreading quickly within these operations.While some providers fared better than others, a disproportionate share of COVID-19 related infections and deaths occurred in these facilities. What have we learned from this tragic loss of life?

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“New models of accessing care for the Aging Adult Population”
CMSNE, May 5, 2021
The Case Management Society of New England held it virtual Annual Conference and the initial session on May 5 featured “disruptive innovations” in aging services. Certain innovative providers are developing collaborations and programs to reimagine community-based health and social care. Jamie Sanford, for the Linn Health Navigator, a program so innovative it won a $1 million CARES Act grant and Administrator of Linn Health & Rehabilitation in East Providence Rhode Island and Paul Lanzikos Executive Director of North Shore Elder Services, an HCBS provider in greater Boston, Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs Cabinet Secretary and founding architect of Dignity Alliance Massachusetts, a coalition of disability and senior advocacy organizations.
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“Grow your dental practice: Social media & COVID-19”
Temos and Braintree, February 23rd, 2021
The highly interactive session dentists focused on marketing, social media, sales and business development.
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“A new social contract for long-term care”
Society of Licensed Nursing Home Administrators, 17 December, 2020
A new social contract for long-term care: Responding to changing science and demographics. Among the things that should be apparent to everyone as a result of the way, COVID-19 has ravaged the nursing home sector is that a new social contract for long term care is needed. This program looks at the current arrangements for long term care, and then considers how this social contract could be made more rational, and future-proofed in the wake of the global pandemic.
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“GoodBye Volume: Hello Value”
Integra Conference, Long-Term Care, June 12-15, 2018
The Integra Conference provides long-term care pharmacies with in-depth product training, opportunities to network with other pharmacy professionals, and applicable information about trending market issues. Irving presented, “Good Bye Volume: Hello Value; Transitioning from Fee-for-Service – Survive and Thrive in a Value-Based Payment Environment.”
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Marketing in Transition

“Close the Deal! From RFP to Contract”
National Community Pharmacists Association
The highly interactive session for community-based pharmacists, focused on marketing, sales and business development.
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Healthcare Association of New Jersey

“Chicken Little the Optimist!”
Healthcare Association of New Jersey Annual Meeting
This interactive workshop helped nursing centers and assisted living residences to develop successful marketing and sales plans, despite stagnant or declining occupancies.
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LeadingAge PA

“Marketing What No One Wants to Buy”
LeadingAge PA Annual Meeting
The seminar addressed the threefold challenges in the CC RC sector including:
1. The change in aged demographics, especially the “silent generation”;
2. Methods to protect, fortify and defend market share in a declining market, and;
3. Ways to change the negative messages and metaphors used in the sector.
These challenges are being faced by seniors’ services providers throughout the United States as they attempt to respond to declining occupancies and utilization. In the face of these challenges, Stackpole & Associates has assisted its clients with specific steps to protect and build market share.
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American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)

“Marketing in Transition”
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists
Irving covered the key market issues for consulting pharmacy services including consultant pharmacists’ customers (skilled nursing centers and assisted living residences) as well as demographic changes which are having an enormous impact on the demand for services. Irving also reviewed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and its potential impacts on seniors’ services, especially pharmacy and pharmacological care.
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American College of Healthcare Administrators (ACHCA)

“Faster, Better, Smarter: Compete and Win”
American College of Healthcare Administrators
The presentation focused on the demographic and logistical challenges faced by the skilled nursing sector and specifically the demographic difficulties associated with the “Silent Generation” as they age and move through their lifecycle. Focusing on the challenges of a smaller market and lower occupancies.
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“Running on Empty: Sales and Marketing When There’s Little Money Left”
The sold-out program reviewed the low-cost / no-cost methods which can be employed by seniors’ housing and services providers to improve lead flow and occupancy.
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American & UK Senior Care Systems

“American & UK Senior Care Systems: What We Can Learn from Each Other”
The Care Show
This program outlined the key similarities and differences in the respective systems and offered suggestions and actionable recommendations to the attendees.
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“Selling Value Without Giving Away the Farm”
California Assisted Living Association Annual Meeting
The program focused on establishing value, price transparency and the use of various discounting techniques and their impacts on both perception and occupancy. In these difficult economic circumstances, with occupancies in AL/ IL residences down, many managers are resorting to discounts without evidence that they actually improve occupancy, or their long term impacts. This workshop, developed and presented in conjunction with Frank Rockwood of Zeigler Capital Management, covered a comprehensive array of issues and options related to pricing seniors housing and assisted living services.
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American Society of Consultant Pharmacists (ASCP)

“Whitewater Marketing”
American Society of Consultant Pharmacists’ (ASCP)
The content included marketing planning and execution for pharmacies and pharmacist consultants. The program challenged pharmacists and pharmacy managers to improve their communications about, and marketing of their critically important skills.
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American College of Healthcare Administrators (ACHCA)

“Chicken Little Was an Optimist: Marketing in Difficult Times”
2nd Annual District 3 Meeting of the American College of HealthCare Administrators.
Explored the use of three low cost / no cost tactics which health care providers can use to build better relationships with their markets.
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Older Presentations:

If interested in the content listed below, please contact us to obtain a copy.

“Marketing to the High End Patient”, Medical Travel Conference

“Generating Leads: Marketing Mistakes to Avoid”, World Medical Tourism and Global Health Congress

“Innovation and Improvement: Turning Challenge on its Head”, NCF Managers Conference

“Medical Tourism: Marketing to Americans”, First Latin American Global Medicine & Wellness Congress

“Chicken Little Was an Optimist – Marketing in Difficult Times”, United Health Association

“Selling Your Services Without Selling Your Soul”, Showcase UK 

“Satisfaction is Cheap – Loyalty is Priceless”, ACHCA 

“Developing Market Strategies to Attract Medical Tourism Patients”, Council for Korea Medicine Overseas Promotion in Seoul, South Korea.

“Selling Your Design: Curb Appeal is Not Enough”, Sponsored by ARC (Association for Real Change) a country-wide (UK) membership association.

“When Weebles Don’t Wobble: The Case Managers’ Conundrum”, Annual Meeting of the Case Management Society of New England (CMSNE)

“Medical Tourism & Retirement Living”, Presented at ExpoTur

“Brand you”, American Society of Consultant Pharmacists Annual Meeting

“Small is Beautiful”, National Care Association annual conference

“Workforce Recruitment & Retention”, International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging Conference

“Leadership, Partnership & Motivation”, sponsored by the Social Care Association

“Building Customer Loyalty in Assisted Living”, California Assisted Living Association’s Annual Conference

“Loyalty in the New Millennium”, The MD – Rx Program: A tailored series of training events to improve communications in long term care

“Family Satisfaction with End-of-Life Care in Long-term care”, Annual Ross Forum on Long-Term Care Issues

“Recession-Proof Marketing”, Annual Convocation and Exposition of the American College of Healthcare Administrators

“Leadership Beyond Borders: Who’s On First?”, International Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (IAHSA)

“Whitewater Change: Health Reform & Case Management”, Case Managed Society of New England Annual Conference

Older speaking events

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Stackpole & Associates publishes periodic articles. Check out our Publications page.

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