Stackpole & Associates delivers real-world consulting solutions, measurably improving relationships among providers, consumers and customers in healthcare, senior living and human services. The results are more effective markets and services for vulnerable, or at-risk populations.

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Health Information Technology guru Miguel Cabrer, Vice President of eHealth Innovation at Best Doctors
Health information technology (HIT) is among the fastest growing fields in both the technology and healthcare Miguel Cabrer sectors, and... Read more »
US health insurance: A barrier to medical tourism
As anyone who has tried knows, US health insurance is a barrier to medical tourism. It’s virtually impossible... Read more »
Long Term Care in China – Global Perspectives
The challenges and opportunities of long term care in China, with its burgeoning elderly population was the focus of... Read more »
Repeal & replace – with what?
Consistency among GOP or Democratic candidates is difficult to find, except with regards to health care policy. While... Read more »
Declining Demand: Occupancy falls
Declining demand in long-term care markets is not a popular topic, but the inaugural SNF report from the... Read more »
The US & UK Long Term Care: Lessons — Presentation
Here are the presentation slides for “The US & UK Long Term Care:Lessons” given by Irving Stackpole.  The US... Read more »

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Important Questions – Intelligent Answers: The Science of Services Marketing

We apply research and behavioral science to understand and improve interactions among providers, consumers and customers across markets. This evidence-based approach to our work allows us to deliver proven solutions that meet or exceed client goals, and deliver measurable return on investment.

Stackpole & Associates, Inc. The Science of Services Marketing

Presentations: See what has been presented at regional, national and international conferences Presentations: See what has been presented at regional, national and international conferences

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