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Market Research

When it comes to market research, many organizations would rather live with a problem they cannot solve than accept a solution they cannot understand. We work closely with clients to design and implement approaches that clients accept and trust, and produce bottom line results.

Since 1991, Stackpole & Associates has designed and conducted market research for companies and organizations throughout the US. Working primarily in the areas of healthcare, senior living, human resources and related service sector businesses, our assignments have included:

  • Survey design, testing, distribution, data entry response analysis
  • One-on-one, in-depth interviews
  • Focus groups and mini-group interviews
  • Collection and analysis of available-source data
  • Telephone canvassing
  • Secret shopper studies
  • Conjoint analysis / trade-off studies
  • Polling
  • Perceptual Mapping
  • Segmentation Studies

Stackpole & Associates has the experience to assist with selecting and developing lists, sample selection and project completion to meet the client’s information needs efficiently, effectively and economically.

What Market Research Can Do For You

  • Measurably improve satisfaction among consumers, staff and customers
  • Secure new desirable customers
  • Improve consumer (e.g., patient or resident) compliance and therefore outcomes
  • Increase recruitment and retention of staff
  • Improve customer / client retention and loyalty;
  • Increase efficiency & profitability.

Our research has shown that small increases in customer loyalty result in significantly larger increases in profit and other organizational benefits, such as operational efficiencies.

Finding Answers to the Right Questions

  • Are our customers, clients and staff satisfied?
  • How is the choice of service providers really made?
  • Who are our customers, and what do they really want?
  • Where are the customers we want?
  • Which services are they using now?
  • Why would they switch?
  • Why are some customers loyal, while others are not?

Many organizations have limited knowledge about the sources of their customers. Stackpole & Associates assists clients to identify the sources of the most desirable customers. By accessing the best available existing information (secondary data), and by creating original, data through research (primary data), clients can efficiently and economically gain the insights needed.

We have assisted numerous clients in researching how decisions are made among their customers, and other important groups. By knowing how decisions are made, and what influences those decisions, a company or an organization can confidently invest in specific programs to influence that groups’ behavior, and to differentiate the company or organization from its competitors. For example, by understanding customer what’s important in the choice decision, management can invest in those activities that contribute most to customer loyalty.

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Since 1991, Stackpole & Associates has designed and conducted market research for companies and organizations throughout the US.

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