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I drove from Fort Wayne to Kendallville, In listening to 45 minutes of the presentation before my company event began and I had to log off, so I dialed in via cell phone. I wish I could’ve attended virtually; however, I thank you for sending the link.

Immediately during your presentation, it was apparent you knew the long-term care industry very well! From someone who’s been working in it for more than 28 years I can always spot someone who has minimal experience to bring to the table.

I’ve already shared much of your information with our Chief Strategy Officer and look forward to implementing your recommendations as well.

I just moved into the Recruiting role from my position in Business Development where my previous goal was to recruit the residents/patients to our campuses. I’m hoping to be able to use my knowledge of the industry and my organization in this new recruiting role.

I found all you covered to be spot on with what I am seeing with fresh eyes to this side of healthcare. My dream is to build a team of employees who feel a wonderful sense of belonging and support when they join our team. Your presentation aligns with my vision, for sure.

One question I had after listening to the presentation was regarding the performance appraisals. I completely agree that companies should do more than one per year, and that they should always be positive in nature.

The supervisors should use those opportunities to listen to their staff regularly. Does the research reveal the best number of appraisals to be performed in a year? Is it recommended that these be done quarterly?

Again, much thanks to you for the informative and much needed webinar! It was very helpful!

Tiffany Slovan
Recruiting Specialist at Lutheran Life Villages

Just a quick note, Irving, that I really enjoyed reading your piece on the Administration’s proposed changes to nursing home monitoring, payments and regulatory environment. Kudos on revealing some hard truths here–the solution is varied and hard to put in simple terms. A business model that is outdated (or broken) and an unsupportive regulatory apparatus and CMS reimbursement system is a cause for concern.

Nate Hamme
President at Ceca Foundation

Your webinars give me great insight and help me be a better talent acquisition consultant for my clients. Thank you for your work Irving Stackpole.

I have just started a podcast and I will be using articles to give my insight on all things long term care and I will be reading from some your articles. They are extremely informative.

Tyesia Hunter
Executive Director at EliteMed Staffing Group | Founding Member at North American Medical Partners


Thank you to all for your hard work, persistence and commitment to excellence. I could not be happier with the process and the product at this point. You have exceeded my expectations!

Paul Williamson
Director of Marketing
MTS Medication Technologies

Dear Irving:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the outstanding job you did in putting together our recent resident and family satisfaction survey project. Your team delivered on every deadline, on time and on budget. Also, each step of the way, your team, led by Nicole, kept in touch with us and let us know exactly what to expect.

I have been impressed with the clarity and usability of the report templates. These will help us to zero in on exactly what each of our managers needs to be doing to help improve satisfaction and the overall customer service culture in their locations.

Once again, Irving, thank you very much and please feel free to use me as a professional reference in the future should the opportunity arise.


Mike Allard
Director of Operations
HHHunt Senior Living

Dear Irving,

Thank you for the services that Stackpole & Associates has performed for Masonicare over the past two years. The research, training and professional insights provided by your organization have contributed significantly to Masonicare’s marketing and customer service, objectives

The careful planning and thoughtful design of each project are appreciated and have contributed to some excellent results that Masonicare has enjoyed. The teams that you have assembled for each project are talented, professionally responsive and a pleasure to work with.

Once again, Irving, thank you for your professional contributions to Masonicare’s marketing efforts and I look forward to working further with you in the future.

Sharon Saunders
Vice President for Marketing

Dear Irving,

Twenty years of healthcare marketing experience did not prepare me for the challenges of launching a unique, new medical device, that’s why I am grateful for having you at my side to help guide me through the many unforeseen challenges that such a venture can spring on you.

From identification of early adopters to the development of a coherent set of benefits to the effective coordination of a multi-tier direct mail campaign, your team was with us all the way. Of particular value to a start up like Itamar was the availability of your team to us at a moments notice to help us with constantly changing needs.

Stackpole Associates truly provided us with a “one stop shop’ suite of marketing services and gave us all the value we could have hoped for in a working relationship.


Pat Bohan
VP Marketing & Business Development
Itamar Medical, Inc.


Your team did an outstanding job helping manage the media after our fatal fire and I thank you for checking in. This has been a trying time at several different levels. Emotionally, we had one staff person and two residents who were traumatized by what they saw and heard. More residents and staff had grown to know and love Willie and continue to miss the special daily interactions they had. And the amount of red tape involved dealing with insurance and regulatory bodies is beyond what I could have imagined. Willie’s doctor at the VA thanks us for extending his life for more than two years beyond what he would have survived on the street where he had been living. We are learning to take our lumps and remain proud of what we do.

Fortunately, thanks to you and Lynn, we could not have fared better on the media coverage of the event. The Globe, in particular, picked up the story about Willie’s life and placed the event within the larger context of why he was here, and what we had done for him.

I want to thank you and Lynn for your help. The half hour I spent with Lynn on the phone while driving back to Boston was perhaps the most, shall I say, productive of my life. The set up work he did with the Globe reporter made all the difference. I have told my story about how we managed the media to several colleagues who have asked for your contact info. I assume I can pass it around freely and will be happy to do so.

Many, many, many thanks.
Merlin Soothwick
Executive Director
Mount Pleasant Home

Dear Irving,

As Kisco Senior Living’s research partner, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional support over the past several years and for the outstanding work provided by Stackpole & Associates, Inc.

The management of Kisco Senior Living in general, and myself in particular, appreciate the in depth expertise, professionalism, and responsiveness of your company. I am personally appreciative of your candor, pointing things out to me for the benefit of Kisco even when your observations would almost certainly not be popular. This type of professional relationship benefits Kisco Senior Living in many ways, and has earned Stackpole & Associates our respect.

In addition to the organization’s expertise, and your ability to communicate this in a way that is practical, I would also congratulate you on the responsiveness and value provided in the projects you have undertaken. You and your staff consistently respond to requests and meet deadlines in ways that show us that you manage your resources very effectively. I personally appreciate your careful supervision of timelines and being kept informed to minimize unpleasant surprises. Considering the service and benefit Kisco enjoys from your organization, and the reasonable fees and carefully managed costs being charged, Stackpole & Associates certainly represents an extraordinary value.

On behalf of the management team and myself, please accept my congratulations on many jobs well done, and I look forward to our continued professional relationship.


Terry Howard
Executive Vice President
Kisco Senior Living

Dear Irving-

Thank you so much for serving as a presenter at Mass Aging’s May 25th Conference “Leading With Quality” which was held at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Marlborough. Your session on Consumer Satisfaction was evaluated very well by attendees. Eighty-five percent of the respondents noted your session as excellent or very good. Attendees commented positively on the interactive nature of the session and with the number of tools and information which can be used in their work.

Once again, thank you for contributing to the success of Mass Aging’s conference.

Best Regards,

Elissa Sherman
President, Mass Aging

Dear Irving-

I just had to write a fan letter, I loved your seminar at the Mass Aging Conference. What a great insight! Your explanation of the concepts and the validation methodology was so clear and concise and your specific examples were prefect. I was totally engaged. That was a lot of info to pack into 90 minutes!

Jane Caton,
Resources Management Services

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