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Marketing & Sales

Marketing & Communications

Stackpole & Associates specializes in industry-specific Consumer and Business-to-Business marketing solutions. Here are just a few of the key capabilities we employ in our marketing projects:

  • Developing communications which gain attention of the intended audience(s), and which influence behavior and / or perceptions
  • Sourcing and project management of communications materials development, creation, distribution and use
  • Measuring consumer / customer behavior, satisfaction with and perception of services
  • Determination of the dimensions in which services are evaluated by consumers and / or customers, and translating these into the best research design
  • Integrating traditional offline marketing methods with targeted web-based strategies
  • Applying a wide array of research tools to identify key issues regarding perception of and satisfaction with services
  • Translating measurements and observations – in particular statistical analysis – into actionable recommendations and understandable insights
  • Applying research insights to re-design systems and implement change, paying particular attention to organizational dynamics and change management
  • Training in marketing and sales skills, and principles of behavior management

Sales Systems

Selling is the process used to influence choice when customers or consumers have options. Most health care, human services and senior living professionals look down on sales and selling as unprofessional and a less-than-noble activity. Yet it is a fact, that until the customer or consumer chooses to use the services being offered, there is no enterprise, there is no organization, there is no business and there certainly can be no mission.

Selling and sales can, and should, consist of the ethical uses of influence. Stackpole & Associates believes strongly that deception, inappropriate use of influence, are not only ethically wrong, they are ultimately harmful to the organization.

Stackpole & Associates designs, implements and monitors the effectiveness of sales systems built around the applications of key influence factors. Our training programs are intensely interactive and have had dramatic effects on participant effectiveness. Stackpole & Associates works with its clients to design effective lead tracking systems and methods, territory management and sales activity and outcomes reporting procedures.

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Stackpole & Associates specializes in industry-specific Consumer and Business-to-Business marketing solutions.

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