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Long-Term Care Podcast: Epilogue To A Crisis

Long-Term Care Podcast: Epilogue To A Crisis September 16, 2021
covid 19 long term care podcast epilogue to a crisis
Long-Term Care
Long-Term Care
Long-Term Care Podcast: Epilogue To A Crisis

Markets for Long-Term Care: Epilogue To A Crisis

Congregate long-term care in the US, UK and Canada (nursing homes, assisted living, memory care, care homes, independent living, life plan communities, CCRC’s and others) were overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic. And a new virus variant is now spreading quickly within these operations.

While some providers fared better than others, a disproportionate share of COVID-19 related infections and deaths occurred in these facilities. What have we learned from this tragic loss of life?

This podcast looks at:

  • demographics of demand & overcoming political somnolence
  • obstacles and opportunities to adapt & change the physical, built environments of long-term care
  • sourcing, recruiting & retaining care staff post-Covid-19
  • communications models to recruit support versus generate resilience

View slides and transcript here

Whether you are a decision-maker for a nursing home, assisted living or other senior care organization, listen to this Timely Issues podcast to hear about the possible paths to recovery for the congregate long-term care sector.

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