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Long-Term Care Podcast: Designing the Future

Long-Term Care Podcast: Designing the Future November 8, 2021
Podcast Title Image - Designing the future of long term care
Long-Term Care
Long-Term Care
Long-Term Care Podcast: Designing the Future

Designing the Future of Long-Term Care

While the pandemic news has been quiet recently, we must not forget the death and devastation that Covid 19 brought upon congregate care. Understanding how this happened, without hand-wringing or other unproductive reactions, is the beginning of the solution.

To fix a problem it’s necessary first to understand it.

In this podcast, we cover a history of the key failures and how we might reimagine them::

  • Aging & Residential Options; how did we get here?
  • Cookie Cutter Solutions; how to redesign physical centers
  • Why Size Matters: The design & economics of new, “small house” models

Long-term, congregate care facilities – especially nursing homes – are at the bottom of the social & healthcare food chain. We’ll talk about how we can battle these social stigmas and redesign facilities & programs for a better long-term future.


Whether you are a decision-maker for a nursing home, assisted living or other senior care organization, listen to this Timely Issues podcast to hear about the possible paths to recovery for the congregate long-term care sector.

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