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Happiness and leadership; are they relevant?

Happiness and leadership; are they relevant? February 21, 2016

Marketing, research and business development consultant in healthcare, human services and senior living.

Happiness & Leadership

Gareth Jones and Adrian Wooldridge discuss leadership + happiness – in an Economist podcast. Is “happiness” among leadership and management relevant to today’s enterprise? There are many leaders who believe – sincerely – that “happiness”, i.e., a sense of fulfillment and purpose is secondary to the company’s responsibility to its employees, and that the compensation provided is where the organization’s responsibility ends. Executive stress, addiction, marital dysfunction – these are huge costs to organizations of every type.

Is there any link between happiness and productivity? Is happiness related to success, and therefore relevant?

Happiness & Leadership
happiness & leadership

These two keen observers discuss #6 principles:
1. Difference beyond diversity – am I able to be myself at work (this is not just about demographics). This element of happiness and culture is extremely relevant to millennials who are not oriented to the behavioral constraints which were “structural” for boomers;
2. Radical honesty – tell me the truth before someone else does (a real challenge for leadership happiness in this Wiki-world where what you mention casually at 9:00 AM is broadcast by 9:10);
3. Extra value – add value to my professional experience, and my life – don’t exploit me;
4. Authentic speak – mean what you say – no double speak;
5. Meaning – meaningful job in an organization that has meaning;
6. Simple rules – offer me easily understood rules, not a fog of bureaucracy.

We deal with these and many other leadership topics over and over again in our consulting assignments at Stackpole & Associates, and we’ll be discussing them again at the Summer Leadership Conference in July

Join us if you can, but please consider the fundamental question: Is “happiness” relevant in today’s environments? Share your insight and experience.

Marketing, research and business development consultant in healthcare, human services and senior living.

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