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Value Based Healthcare in Long Term Care: Good Bye Volume, Hello Value

Value based healthcare is coming, and the change from “volume” based fee-for-service payments to “value” based payments is momentous in post-acute care. Download the program, “Good Bye Volume, Hello Value” presentation-achca-ri-18-03-16_3.pdf (141 downloads) to learn more.The Value Puzzle

Up to now, the more services we provided to certain patients, the more we were paid. But this is all changing – and quickly – what do we do?

Insurance companies and other intermediaries are in the habit of dictating levels of payment and length of stay, and in the current environment, post-acute care managers’ experience is no different. Will post-acute care managers be simply told what to do, or can we develop a pro-active model?

At the same time, occupancy and utilization in the sector are declining, and may be at an all-time low. Declining numbers of age qualified individuals, decreasing utilization of post-acute care and widespread lack of acceptance are all hindering providers’ efforts to recover and survive this downturn.

This program looks at programs and models for marketing and managing in these difficult times. The relationships between and among discharging hospitals, post-acute care providers and intermediaries attempting to manage post-acute care need to be redefine dand renegotiated. And we need innovative models for cross continuum collaboration.

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