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Retaining & Recruiting Staff in Long Term Care

Retaining & Recruiting Staff in Long Term Care June 3, 2022
Timely Issues
Timely Issues
Retaining & Recruiting Staff in Long Term Care

The staffing crisis in long-term care prevents providers from delivering the care that everyone expects, resulting in penalties, burn-out among remaining staff, closures and very angry patients, clients, and families.

LTC webinar: Retaining & Recruiting Staff in Long Term Care, 2nd June 2022.

In this webinar, we will delve briefly into “how we got here”. Most importantly, we will offer concrete steps which can be taken by operators, managers, and regulators to alleviate this pernicious long term care staffing crisis.

Rather than pointing fingers, this program focuses on intelligent, effective responses, including sourcing, recruitment, and retention. We will focus on:

  • Methods to engage with, and listen to front line workers
  • Retention features that are often more important than pay
  • The single most effective recruitment method
  • What you need to know from an exit interview
  • The three (3) specific steps government regulators can take to mitigate this crisis

Listen to this open discussion with more examples and insight.

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