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Ashley Oulette: On Dental Departures

Ashley Oulette: On Dental Departures November 3, 2015

Marketing, research and business development consultant in healthcare, human services and senior living.

The stigma surrounding traveling to a foreign country for medical or dental care often prevents patients from searching for affordable options outside of their home country. Dental Departures is a company that matches patients looking to save money on dental care with quality, pre-screened and certified dentists around the world.

Ashley Oulette, a patient of Dental Departures, received a shocking quote from her local Florida dentist, which led to her decision to search outside the U.S. for her family’s dental work. When she began her research, she saw Cancun, Mexico as an option. Her family already had a vacation planned to Cancun, so she began exploring the idea of combining her trip with dental care.

The price of the dental care in Mexico was a fraction of the amount she was told in the U.S. Her family could now take a vacation, plus all receive high quality dental care for less than what the dental procedures would have cost at home.

“I was nervous,” says Ms. Oulette. Friends and family questioned her choice to travel to Mexico for dental work, but she assured them she was doing the proper research. “There were phone calls and emails. I called a guy from the lab and started questioning him.”

Once at the office, Ms. Oulette was impressed with the state of the art equipment. Before beginning any dental work, she had a consultation. After the examination, the dentist recommended additional treatment. Ms. Oulette had been advised to have these extra procedures before, so now while it was affordable, she had the work done.

Ashley’s advice to anyone looking to travel for affordable dental care is to get in touch with Dental Departures. She says, “They have been out there selecting dentists who are good. So if you can get it inexpensively, why not go to Cancun get your teeth cleaned and enjoy yourself? It’s a great option especially for those who do not have any type of dental insurance.”

To hear more about Ashley Oulette’s experience with dental tourism, listen to the full interview on The Medical Travel Show.

To learn more about Dental Departures, listen to our interview with the CEO of Dental Departures, Paul McTaggart.



Marketing, research and business development consultant in healthcare, human services and senior living.

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