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Health Tourism After COVID-19: The Road Ahead

Health Tourism After COVID-19:
The Road Ahead

A discussion with Irving Stackpole & Laszlo Puczko

May 13th 2020
12.00 – 1.00 Eastern Time (EDT)

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    The COVID-19 crisis has plunged the global travel and tourism sector into a deep freeze, and the health tourism markets into hibernation.

    With travel into and out of most destinations difficult or impossible, consumers have stopped traveling for health, dental and medical services. Demand is frozen.

    On the supply side, healthcare systems are rising to meet the challenges of the pandemic. They are not focused on elective or non-urgent procedures. Supply is not available.

    • In this unprecedented crisis, how can health tourism providers and destination management organizations look ahead and plan for the future?
    • Will medical tourism “return to normal”?
    • While the crisis is still unfolding, we can prepare for the lifting of travel restrictions, and a return to business activity in the health, wellness and medical tourism markets.
    • Will travellers return? And if they do, what will the “new normal” look like?
    • Will health & wellness providers are able to adapt to consumers’ and patients’
      concerns after months of restrictions?
    • Which segments of these markets will return first?
    Flight canceled coronavirus

    Join us for a discussion looking at these and other questions for health & wellness tourism destinations and providers during and after this extraordinary global pandemic. We need a plan for what to do now, and afterwards.

    The first webinar on April 29th – Health Tourism Grounded: Crisis Communications – was focused on how health tourism providers and destination managers can best handle both external & internal communications in this crisis.

    In the second webinar, on May 13th Irving Stackpole & Laszlo Puczko will talk about – Health Tourism After COVID-19: The Road Ahead. We will discuss the likely recovery of and the future for health & wellness tourism in the post-COVID-19 period.

    We hope you will join us for these free informative webinars.

    Whether you are a decision-maker for a hospital, wellness spa, dental clinic, cosmetic surgery or tourism board, attend this webinar and learn about the likely path to recovery for the health, wellness and medical tourism markets.

    Health Tourism After COVID-19: The Road Ahead
    May 13th, 2020
    12:00 EDT

    Find the insights your health tourism business needs.

    Health Tourism After Covid

    COVID-19 has changed the way the health tourism markets will do business.
    This webinar looks at:

    • how managers can prepare for recovery
    • how managers can and should communicate internally and externally
    • changes to regional corridors in the health & wellness travel markets
    • new market segments that will emerge

    What We Will Talk About

    Defining the Issue

    Global demand in the regional health & wellness tourism markets had been growing before the spread of the novel coronavirus forced the shutdown of all nonessential transportation. On the supply side, providers and destinations were building capacity and marketing aggressively to attract health & wellness, motivated travelers. Both the demand and supply sides of these markets have been frozen; what will happen next?

    How the COVID-19 Crisis Has Changed Things

    The changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic will affect both the demand and supply sides of the health & wellness tourism markets. With some consumer segments affected more severely (for example, the elderly), providers and destinations attempting to attract consumers will need to carefully reconsider segmenting their markets. And healthcare systems which have struggled with the COVID-19 healthcare crisis will have to carefully reconsider how they pivot back to meeting the elective needs of consumers. And destinations will need to carefully manage public perceptions around safety of travel in general and health & wellness travel in particular.

    The Presenters

    Irving Stackpole

    Irving Stackpole

    With decades of experience, Irving Stackpole is the President of Stackpole & Associates, Inc., a marketing, research, and sales training firm. Founded in 1991, Stackpole & Associates applies scientific marketing principles to develop practical solutions to clients’ challenges. Stackpole & Associates works collaboratively with clients to create innovative and practical solutions to the challenges facing organizations in the rapidly changing health tourism markets. Irving is the co-author of, “Marketing Handbook for Health Tourism”.

    Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

    Lazelo Health Tourism The Road Ahead Webinar

    Laszlo Puczko

    Laszlo Puczko has been working in the health and travel arenas for 25+ years. He is the co-founder and CEO of Health Tourism Worldwide a professional services firm specialised in market intelligence, planning and development support for businesses and for destination organizations. The Health Tourism Worldwide team has been active both in medical and wellness tourism. HTWW provides training and mentoring services aiming at competitiveness improvement and wellbeing experience definition. Laszlo is the co-author of, “Marketing Handbook for Health Tourism”

    Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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