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Conjoint Analysis Market Research & Design

Does your business want to generate more leads and increase revenue while realizing operational savings? A research method called “Conjoint Analysis” can identify ways to achieve these goals.

Harnessing the Power of Choice

The basic concept behind Conjoint Analysis is choice. Consumers make purchases based on trade-offs between and among factors such as brand, price, and location among others. By responding to scientifically designed market research survey questions, consumers identify the types of trade-offs that they make when they decide to buy goods or services. Stackpole & Associates can translate the results of this research into practical recommendations to achieve your business goals. Armed with this information about the trade-offs that consumers are willing to make, you can offer the exact combination of goods and services that will appeal to the consumers that you want to reach.

Conjoint Analysis can secure answers to crucial questions, including:

  • Which marketing messages will generate the most leads?
  • How should we configure our products to appeal to our customers?
    What combination of services will reduce or maximize our services while keeping our customers satisfied?

Conjoint Analysis is a market research methodology which can answer these and other questions that are vital to the success of your business.
Stackpole & Associates, a marketing research design firm, works with clients in healthcare, senior living, medical tourism, and human service markets to develop, implement, and analyze conjoint studies in these sectors:

  • Seniors housing developers of independent living (IL), assisted living (ALF) and continuing care retirement community (CCRC) projects
  • Seniors housing operators (IL, ALF and CCRCs)
  • Hospital marketing executives
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical device manufacturers and distributors
  • Medical tourism providers

Contact Stackpole & Associates
To learn more about applying conjoint analysis for your marketing needs, please contact Stackpole & Associates by telephone at 617-739-5900 Ext. 11, or send us an email via our contact form.

Benefits of Conjoint Design

Conjoint design is choice-based modeling that:

– Identifies customer preferences or trade-offs

– Delivers rank-ordered importance of features

– Directs product/service characteristics to maximize sales

– Drives operational changes to revenue savings

Harness the power of this marketing tool for your business!

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