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Beyond the Predictable to the Possible in Long-Term Care: Rethinking the Future of Aging Services

Beyond the Predictable to the Possible in Long-Term Care: Rethinking the Future of Aging Services January 20, 2023

Join us February 23, 2023 at 12 pm ET for this important webinar.

Like a slow-motion emergency, the manifest shortcomings in the long-term care systems in the US, UK, and many other developed economies were very predictable. The demographics, economics, cultural biases, and politics of long-term care and aging services led to the current diagnosis, “failure to thrive.”

Beyond the predictable present – the contorted and miserly funding, the inadequate workforce, and the decrepit state of the infrastructure – what are possible paths out of this mess? The looming steep increase in the numbers of elderly persons threatens yet another, avoidable car-wreck, more significant than the pandemic in some regards, for the aging services systems in the US and many of the OECD countries.

The future of aging services may have never been more at risk than in the present time. Current shortcomings, i.e., the imminent demographic shifts and macro-economic factors, are being looked past by those who find relief in short termism. “Things are looking up since the pandemic!” they say. While the private, for-profit aging services providers are adapting and adjusting to the current demand/supply situation, the public and not-for-profit providers struggle and/or close and/or go bankrupt. It’s as though we were in some sort of schizophrenic persona, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.

Simple as this sounds, the status quo in no one’s best interest – not the politicians’, not the intermediaries’, not the policy makers’, not the providers’, and certainly not the public’s. What is possible for the aging services systems?

Join us for this discussion exploring what’s predictable and what’s possible in aging services and long-term care.

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