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Tim O’Rourke,PhD, Associate

Tim has built his career around helping clients leverage predictive analytics to improve business outcomes. He often gets mistaken for a stats geek. But he’s not. He’s a social scientist who has always been fascinated by decision making with a strong preference for robust answers.

Tim always says analytics is just a means to an end. The point is simply to use analytics on data to answer important questions. The result is something valuable and often underrated – an evidence-based answer.

Tim thinks the critical business questions for any business are…

• How do you find new customers?
• How do you keep the customers you have?
• How will your new product or service impact your market?
• What will drive adoption of that new product or service?
• What is the white space in your market where there is an unmet need?
• What do you need to do to anticipate what competitors will do?
• What is the best price for your product or service?
• What is your best position and message?
• What is your optimal marketing plan?

Tim uses his extensive experience to help clients identify which business question is most critical by evaluating each question against key business metrics –customer retention, customer acquisition, revenue, and cost. The most critical question is always tied to the key metric needs the most attention.

Tim is always happy to talk about specific methods because methods matter and are constantly improving. The wrong method can easily undermine an analysis, or worse, produce a misleading result that prompts the wrong action. But Tim knows that clients care more about the end than the means. He listens more than he talks to make sure he understands the critical details of each engagement. Then he is happy to talk about the best ways to establish an evidence-based answer.

In 1995, while still in graduate school studying psychology, Tim started working as a consultant for SPSS, a popular statistical software package. Tim quickly discovered he was better suited pace of the business world than academics. By 1999 he had finished his PhD and took his first job in the private sector working for Eidetics (now IQVIA), a small market research firm focused on healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Right from the start his role was to leverage advanced analytics to address client needs. In 2002 he moved to Ziment (now Kantar Health) to take on a more senior and client-facing role. In 2006 he moved to The Modellers (now part of Hall & Partners) to start their healthcare practice. In 2008 Tim joined Healogix as a limited partner and spent eight years helping them grow from five to twenty-five employees and from $1M to $10M in sales. In 2016 moved to Avidelo (formerly American Choice Modeling) as a full partner. In his role at Avidelo Tim provides cost-effect analytic solutions for successful firms like Stackpole & Associates.

Tim joins Stackpole & Associates as Senior Research Associate

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