In long-term care, we know that employee turnover is a critical performance variable. Employee loyalty and disloyalty are linked to the bottom line, to performance on state surveys, to legal action/complaints and directly to executives’ ability to sleep at night! So the question is, if you could spend a week, earn 15 CEU’s, enjoy some sun, sand and paradise, while at the same time learning how you and your team can improve employee engagement and commitment, what are you waiting for?

Among the topics we will explore at The Summer Leadership Conference, July 27 – 31 in Bermuda are the relationships between and among employee turnover, commitment, engagement and trust.

Farrell, Brady & Frank explored the impacts that managers can have on turnover and employee commitment in Meeting the Leadership Challenge in Long-Term Care: What you do matters. Their insights will be incorporated into lively workshops to help you build more cohesive teams, and to better demonstrate behaviors which will encourage employee engagement.

At The Summer Leadership Conference we will also extract insights from research conducted by Ron Perry of Arizona State University, “The Relationship of Effective Organizational Commitment with Supervisory Trust” to explore the actual behaviors which supervisors and managers can exhibit, which is correlated to increasing trust among our employees.

And of course we will look at the practical aspects of time, time management, and the burden of work, which I have previously explored in, “When Weebles Don’t Wobble” about reasonable and unreasonable expectations and how we manage these in our daily work lives.

Join us for an opportunity to explore critical, strategic issues in an outstanding setting and come away with insights for action! Register today, and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

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