The Summer Leadership Conference 2016

Whether it’s increasing government and intermediary intervention, or recruitment and retention issues, the challenges of healthcare leadership have never been more demanding. We are being asked to do more with less.

leadership in healthcare

Even as a leader

A fascinating article in the New York Times highlights the insights gleaned by Google as it attempted to build the “perfect team”. Many of these lessons are valuable for healthcare leaders, and are front and center at The Summer Leadership Conference this July in Bermuda.

Developing teams, understanding the life cycles and stages of team development, and building high performance work groups will be covered by the facilitator Bryan Williams in a highly interactive week-long program.

Among the lessons Google learned is that how team members interact with each other – the levels of trust and emotional sensitivity – are keys to the performance of the group. These are clear the outcomes of Google’s analysis, and will resonate with you in the learning environment at the Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda.

This is the 24th annual edition of The Summer Leadership Conference, a testament to its value to the participants (many of whom have been coming for years), and its endurance as a high level event, attracting leaders who want to share experiences,  and explore all the recreational, leisure and sports-related activities Bermuda has to offer.

Consider joining your colleagues, earning 15 CEU’s, and recharging those leadership batteries!