There’s an amazing willingness in seniors’ housing markets to invent consumers where they don’t exist. Wishin’ don’t make it so.

Wishing does not make it so

The occupancy and utilization challenges in the seniors’ markets are well known. Day after day, we read suggested solutions – sell harder, market differently – but these all assume that there are enough consumers. Instead of first asking, “What do we need to do differently”?” the better question would be “Is the market deep enough?”

Are there enough age, income, disability or otherwise qualified individuals in the marketplace area to satisfy the existing supply?

If the answer is “Yes”, then providers experiencing low occupancy or utilization are not competing effectively and need to look at sales and marketing.

Too often, however, the answer is, “No”.

declining age qualified marketsThe root-cause of poor occupancy is there are not enough consumers for the available supply. In this case, a very different approach is needed. The principles of sales and marketing in a saturated market are very different.

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