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Medical Tourism Marketing and Consulting

For Medical Tourism (also known as Heath Tourism) providers and Retirement Living developers and operators, Stackpole & Associates can help find the right customers in the best source markets. Your best prospects may be from the US, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean or elsewhere. Stackpole & Associates provides intelligent, evidence-based answers to your most important marketing questions, including:

  • Where are international medical travellers and retirement living customers most likely found?
  • How can we build referral flow to support healthcare and retirement for foreign visitors?
  • What services and support systems need to be in place for health and wellness tourists?
  • How can we position and brand our services to compete effectively?
  • What measures should we use for success?

Stackpole & Associates provides marketing, market research and business development services to health care, human services, and senior living organizations in throughout North, South and Central America as well as Europe, Asia and beyond. With 40+ years of marketing experience, Irving Stackpole leads a team of experts who help you:

  • Identify the right customers in the lucrative market of adventurous and affluent mature travelers intrigued by health and wellness tourism and retirement destinations.
  • Develop highly refined marketing messages that will convert leads into visitors and residents.
  • Conduct market analyses and other research to develop or improve medical tourism and retirement living options.
  • Engage in concept development to maximize new and existing services geared to the distinct needs of tourists, medical travellers and retirees.
  • Connect you with public relations and medical partners to help you grow your business.

Contact Stackpole & Associates
To learn more about medical tourism marketing and market feasibility research, please contact Irving Stackpole by telephone at +1-(617) 739-5900 Ext. 11, or send us an email via our contact form.


  • Succeeding in the Medical Tourism market requires a highly targeted and effective marketing campaign. To learn how marketing can achieve your objectives, complete the form below to download a series of free presentations, including “Successfully Marketing Medical Tourism”

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