Two weeks before the mid-term elections, the news cycle is absorbed with pipe bombs being sent to Democratic leaders. Deadlier by far, however is the Republican effort to strip away coverage for pre-existing conditions. Shock doctrine must not distract us from what is really occurring. By some estimates, 10 million would not be able to get health insurance if pre-existing condition coverage guarantees were removed.  I am not comparing the pipe bombs, or terrorism to the poor healthcare policy choices that are being inflicted on Americans, especially the poor. But we should hold fast to the truth, keep things in perspective and hold liars accountable at the ballot box.

These five Republicans have already acted to remove pre-existing coverage, even though they have lied repeatedly by saying that they support the coverage. Watch what they do, not what they say on the campaign trail.

Republicans Against Pre-Existing Conditions

Of course, these politicians lied and said they support coverage for pre-existing conditions because this policy is enormously popular – among everyone!

A Kaiser poll shows that pre-existing condition coverage is THE top healthcare priority among voters.

Importance of healthcare topics

Their real position – removing and diluting pre-existing conditions coverage – has to be hidden away. And what better cover than the crisis du-jour?

When the news media are distracted by bombs, tweets, the murder of a US resident in a Saudi Embassy and the other craziness, these politicians get away with lies! Naomi Klein described this beautifully in Shock Doctrine. The truth is important. My hope is that we can stay focused through the mid-terms and afterward, shift the silliness of the recent healthcare policy pilaver into substantive discussion about what really matters.