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Healthcare Marketing & Research Articles

Stackpole & Associates publishes periodic articles on a range of topics for marketing healthcare services, increasing customer satisfaction and employee training in today’s professional environment.

Growing Trends in Assisted Living: Planting the seeds for success in 2011 and beyond
“Growing Trends in Assisted Living: Planting the seeds for success in 2011 and beyond” is the cover article of the January/February 2011 issue of Advance for Long-Term Care Management. Gaze into our research-based crystal ball for a handful of trends that will drive change in the assisted living and long term care sectors.

Next Stop All Change
“Next Stop all change” appeared in the March 2011 edition of Care Management Matters. These turbulent times are bringing change faster than ever before with no end in sight. How do managers face the multiple challenges of overseeing success in business while keeping team members motivated instead of stressed? Read some tips for making change a positive experience.

Inbound Medical Tourism: Survey of US International Patient Departments
Curious about what is happening in US international patient departments? Stackpole & Associates conducted an independent survey of these departments to find out the state of inbound medical tourism at the country’s leading medical institutions. An Executive Summary of the survey results provides an interesting insight into the workings of US international patient departments.

Medical Tourism for Hotels – Are You Ready for the Challenges?
Hotels are evaluating the expanding medical tourism market as an option to increase occupancy. Before jumping into this burgeoning sector, what issues should be addressed to determine if offering services to international patients is a good fit for your organization? Read this article from the magazine of the Costa Rican Hoteliers Association.

Web Marketing Explained
An effective, searchable web site is an essential marketing tool for virtually every business regardless of size. In the May 2009 edition of Care Management Matters, Jason Summerfield and Elizabeth Ziemba reveal the business rationale for having a web site and the key elements of web site that help you meet your business goals.

Effective Email Campaigns
Electronic media can be a cost effective way to market your business. Elizabeth Ziemba explores how to use email marketing in conjunction with other marketing communications to maximise business exposure and reach potential clients. (Care Management Matters, May 2009).

Hallmarks of a Great Website
With more people turning to the internet to aid their search for care a user-friendly website is becoming more important. Elizabeth Ziemba and Jason Summerfield discuss the marketing reasons behind websites and what will make a website work for your business.

Medical Tourism Visas: Successfully Tackling Immigration Issues
Applying for and obtaining a visitor visa for medical purposes requires an understanding of the policies and procedures in place by various countries. Many countries have modeled their systems after the US system. This article is designed to help individuals, facilitators, travel agents, government agencies and others understand the requirements of the US system and apply some of the lessons learned to applications for other countries.

Managing the Media: Successfully Navigating the Waters of Public Relations
Irving Stackpole and Elizabeth Ziemba discuss how to work with the media and the importance of public relations.(Care Management Matters, June 2008).

It’s Not What You Say, It’s What People Hear
Irving Stackpole and Elizabeth Ziemba explore how to make your promotional materials as effective as possible (Care Management Matters, May 2008).

The 5 P’s of Marketing – Making Your Marketing P-P-P-P-P-Perfect
With more individuals choosing their care and a growing uptake of individual budgets it is important that you can compete in your market (Care Management Matters, April 2008).

AQAA – Does It Measure Up?
Changes in the inspection process for care providers raise questions about the ability of the AQAA survey instruments and procedures to generate the accurate, reliable and crucial data upon which informed decisions can be based. Shifts in the information gathering process as well as an examination of survey methodology highlight issues to be examined as the process unfolds

Recreational and Medical Tourism & Retirement Living: Opportunities & Challenges for Tourism Professionals
Costa Rica is uniquely positioned to become a world-class leader in international Medical Tourism and its close relative, retirement living. A comprehensive plan integrating and linking various sectors with a focus on tourism and health care can fuel economic growth while preserving the environment and health services.

A Marketing Check Up for Healthcare and Human Service Organizations >
Historically, in health care the marketing strategy has been, “build it and they will come”…In today’s very competitive health care world this attitude will no longer work.

The Science of Marketing Senior Living Communities >
Marketing disciplines are not applied as effectively in senior living communities in general, and assisted living in particular, as in many other businesses. Assisted living managers have grown up, so to speak, in a business environment where fiscal management was far more highly valued than marketing ability.

Understanding Influence: Ethical Sales Skills for Healthcare Professionals >
Increased competition and shrinking reimbursement are two sides of a vice squeezing healthcare and senior care professionals pressured to fill beds their buildings. The temptation is greater than ever to say the one statement that will close the deal and influence the consumer to choose your facility. Where is the line between good sales skills and unethical behavior?

When Happy Customers Walk Away: The satisfaction – loyalty disconnection >
There is a frightening disconnect between measured satisfaction and customer loyalty. For many years, senior living managers have performed customer satisfaction surveys to measure how happy various customers and consumers are with their communities. These surveys have taken many forms, but the results have been remarkably similar – customers and consumers seem quite satisfied, or happy. Another fact, however, is that satisfied customers are not predictably loyal.

Pressuring Sales Staff To Stretch The Truth Doesn’t Pay Off >
Applying so much pressure to sales people that they stretch the truth or lie to prospects causes more harm than good.

Customer Service for Assisted Living – Training Manual >
Customer loyalty is the key to maintaining a healthy bottom line, a positive reputation and good word of mouth marketing. The experience that your customers have at your community will determine whether the customer will be a fan or a foe. It’s up to you! The keys to a positive customer service experience are outlined and explained in this easy to use manual.

Leadership & Motivation Survey >
Integrated Care Network contracted with Stackpole & Associates, Inc. to conduct a leadership and motivation survey in conjunction with two leadership workshops held at the ICN Conference in London on 19 July, 2006. The theme of the conference was “Leadership in Partnership” and so the survey attempted to understand the delegates’ perceptions regarding the traditional roles of leadership within their work environments.

Keeping CSCI at bay >
The Commission for Social Care Inspection’s (CSCI) new inspection regime for adult care services means that regularity of inspections is determined by service user feedback. Managers may need to supply evidence and examples that their service meets the needs of their users. Irving Stackpole explains how and why service user feedback should be sought.

Satisfaction Is Cheap – Loyalty Is Priceless >
Many service providers measure customer satisfaction and pay attention to the results of these surveys as important indicators of how well their operations are performing. Satisfaction survey results, when done scientifically and carefully, can provide important guidelines to management for training, reward and recognition, as well as systems improvement.

SEO Fundamentals: Search Engine Optimization Tips for Your Web Site >
The process of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gained popularity in recent years as a means to reach target audiences through improved web site positioning in search engines. However, few have an understanding of the SEO methods employed in order to produce such results. The following tips are some basic best practices to consider in optimizing your site for improved search engine performance.

Making the Commitment >
Employees ultimately lead customer service to success or failure because they interact everyday with customers, residents, families, referral sources, volunteers, and vendors. A manager’s challenge is to foster their commitment to customer service. A mission statement is a good place to start building employee buy-in.

Taking the Pulse of Employees >
While surveys of patients and family members have become a common means of gauging customer satisfaction in long term care, many providers do not survey one of their most valuable constituencies-their employees. Yet employee satisfaction surveys can be a valuable tool for reducing costly turnover while improving both staff and patient satisfaction.

Discharge Planning and Managing Early Alzheimer’s Disease >
There is no cure for Alzheimer’s Disease yet. Nonetheless, there is much that can be done in assisted living and other settings to lessen the fear, stress, and burdens that accompany AD.

A Team Approach to Training >
By including all staff in training, you send the message that everyone is accountable for good service. There are countless ways to conduct customer service training and plenty of ideas to explore as part of it.

Cultivating Physician Referral Resources >
How can your organization get the attention of busy physicians to encourage additional referrals? Understand doctors’ communication preferences and build the relationships with providers who can send you the patients you need to improve your bottomline while you improve their health.

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	   Healthcare Marketing & Research Articles   Stackpole & Associates publishes periodic articles on a range of topics for marketing healthcare services,

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