The journey to success for Polish health tourism has many, many steps. With so much competition in the health tourism markets, destination leaders are looking for ways to build for success.

The International Health Tourism Forum in Lublin, Poland, included a broad range of topics for the engaged audience of providers (hospitals, clinics and doctors), business representatives (suppliers, agents and facilitators) and academics.

The challenge is to determine how to differentiate the city and the region for prospective consumers, as well as in the medical-medical market channels.

Destination attractiveness

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One of the frequently asked questions about the US health tourism market is the potential for health insurance as a channel partner for medical travel destinations. In other words, could providers and agents in Lublin develop contracts with US health insurance companies, which would include coverage of elective procedures? This was the topic that I covered in the conference.

“The US insurance market and medical travel: Obstacles and opportunities”

Download the presentation here:

us-health-insurance-market-lublin-19-10-07.pdf (2 downloads)

With experience as a manager of a self-funded insurance plan, my presentation covered the challenges of securing such a channel partner.

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