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Elizabeth G. Clark, MA, MPH

Elizabeth Clark is a recognized expert healthcare administrator and international program leader.

Liz has brought strategic direction to, and managed manycomplex programs which has distinguished her at severalhealthcare organizations. She initiated and implemented a unique Emergency Medicine residency training program with U.S. academic support from a Level 1 trauma center at the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Trivandrum, India. She also spearheaded the process to obtain national accreditation for medical residency programs which led to official recognition and accreditation at both the state and national levels.

Clark has demonstrated skill at understanding and brokering medical market and delivery system changes. She has worked closely with Boston University on key issues related to service delivery research and faculty development. Ms. Clark initiated two first-of their- kind global collaborative programs, the results of which are in publication in peer-reviewed journals.These efforts have also earned Liz international recognition and acknowledgements.

Clark has participated on a variety of national committees and working groups further demonstrating her programmatic development abilities. She has served as an advisor to a national working group on occupational training standards, advisor to a medical curriculum committee, and has actively participated in setting accreditation standards for hospitals seeking accreditation for residency programs. Clark has also represented international providers at events including a working group of hospital executives developing industry responses to national healthcare budgets in 2015.

Ms. Clark has specific in depth experience with healthcare and medical business operations, including streamlining electronic medical record systems, implementing PACS systems, and preparing physical assets for accreditation. She also led due diligence teams evaluating healthcare providers for acquisition and helped create some of the first package pricing for elective surgery and oncology services, resulting in attracting more patients and increasing revenues.

Clark has authored and delivered a number of presentations on international healthcare, hospital environmental conservation, and public health. She was the first non-doctor to present as faculty to the SEMI national conference. Clark holds a Master of Public Health with high honors from Boston University, a Master of Arts in Political Science from the University of Connecticut, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with honors from Boston University.

Elizabeth joins Stackpole & Associates as an Associate.

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