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CIHT Conference: Unlocking the health tourism lockdown

Unlocking the health tourism lockdown

A discussion with Irving Stackpole
November 12th 2020

An Overview of Health Tourism Globally and a Positive Way Forward; presented at the 8th Crikvenica International Health Tourism Conference. 

Unlocking the health tourism lockdown

  • Will medical tourism ever “return to normal”?
  • As travel resumes slowly, what can we do to prepare in the health, wellness, dental & medical tourism markets?
  • Which travellers will return? What will be their concerns, and what services will they seek?
  • Which segments of these markets will return first?

Irving co-author of the recently released Marketing Handbook in Health Tourism discussed these topics on the 12th November 2020.

Here is a link to Day 2 of the CIHT Conference. To view my presentation go to 1.00.43.

All the presentations, as well as the recordings, will be uploaded on the official CIHT webpage and YouTube channel.

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Stackpole & Associates is a marketing, research & strategy consulting firm focused on healthcare and seniors’ services markets. Irving can be reached directly at

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