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Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Measuring and tracking customer satisfaction can be among the most valuable marketing steps an organization can take. By asking customers, clients and referral sources about their experiences with your organization, invaluable information about service operations can be collected and used to change the way services are delivered — and experienced by the customer.

Asking the Right Questions

What do our customers like about our service?
·What needs to be improved?

In this increasingly competitive market, all companies and organizations must learn to adapt to what the customer wants and how the customer wants to be treated. Those who are not successful will lose the opportunity to remain competitive.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Includes:

  • Scientific development of survey content;
  • Careful methods of sampling and survey distribution;
  • Rigorous data collection and analysis, and;
  • Reporting which is understandable and actionable.

Additional insights can be gained through benchmarking individual data to aggregated data, such as regional, corporate or national norms. This provides managers with meaningful comparisons of their performance to others'. Such comparisons, when made over time, are powerful measures of the effectiveness of new programs, marketing communications and other management initiatives.

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